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Trail of Fear

The Attractions at Trail of Fear

Hackensaw Haunted HayrideHackensaw Haunted Hayride - Take a ride to the Hackensaw family compound. The family has returned with a hunger unlike any hunger before. The family devours trespassers when they are found on their land. Try to escape before being captured and eaten by the demented Hackensaw family.

Camp TwistyTwisty's Crooked Manor - Summer camp sounds fun, right, well not at Camp Twisty. This will be your new nightmare. From deranged campers, tormented counselors, to full slasher serial killers, Camp Twisty will turn your blood cold. No writing home to Mom and Dad about this camp...

Curse of the Black Swan Escape RoomCurse of the Black Swan Escape Room - Have you ever been to an escape room? You've NEVER been to one like this! You and your shipmates stumble across a pirate ship. The inhabitants must be on the island and you see a message - solve the Curse of the Black Swan or you won't survive the night... Can you solve the curse, save a shipmate, and before the Captains return or before time runs out?

Coppergrove's Crypt 5 Minute Escape RoomCoppergrove's Crypt 5 Minute Escape Room - Legend has it that Edward Coppergrove was a vampire. Local townspeople testified that he died after a mob of concerned citizens confronted him. Is Edward Coppergrove in the crypt.... was he a vampire? You have 5 minutes to find out.

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